Samsung Customer Care

Samsung Customer Care

Samsung Customer Care; Samsung is a company that believes in just selling its products. Once sold it’s your product and all problems arising out of Samsung products is of yours. Samsung follow a very practical customer care policy that who was using the products, of course you, so you are the responsible for any problems. How the Samsung can be liable for anything you did with Samsung products.

And once more Samsung is here to earn money and Samsung knows it very wisely that to earn money it has to sell more and more products. Samsung knows that money is not earned by listening to customers. And because Samsung is not bothered by listening to customers. Samsung even dares to sell defective products to the products. Yes, in words Samsung says its products are free from defects of work man ship but in practice it asks its customers “Can you prove it???”

At Samsung they just refuse your right to repair, they just deny your right to replacement as well they do not refund. because Samsung makes a refund only if the Samsung product is not repairable, and as you will agree to that everything is repairable, so refund is never a issue at Samsung.

When you request a repair Samsung just says Okay, but never repairs. Or repairs in a way that give arise to another problem. because Samsung do not have enough technicians.

The Samsung is a big company; they have a team of lawyers, so whe

n you call customer care at Samsung they instead of listening you just transfer your call, without your consent, in the legal department, who threaten you to withdraw your complaint.

The only way to get any solution from Samsung is consumer court. Remember Samsung do not provide any solution you need to get it from Samsung. If you have enough resources to get customer care from Samsung only then you should buy Samsung products. If you are a normal person, who does not want a lot of litigation and other headache, you should preferably avoid buying Samsung.

In short Samsung products mean loss of money, loss of time, loss of energy of body and peace of mind. Samsung is arrogant and Samsung products are lame and defective.

Samsung Customer Care
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