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Problem with Samsung Laptop

I had the same problem I would say fresh out the box are you kidding me I would send it back Im not going to pay hundreds of dollars for a computer with a shitty hard drive There fault Make um fix it and pay for shipping both ways i got one for Christmas BRAND NEW a week later it was doing what your video showed I was pissed big time !! mines a samsung R730 notebook and the keys stick i had to wipe the computer out and re download all the hardware and software the backup even went POOF 2 *

A review of samsung laptop

As I have been unfortunately using samsung  laptop since 3 months, I think I have got a good experience to review samsung laptop.

In my samsung laptop review, I would like to tall the users those things which they do not tell you on their website or brochure on the time when they sell you a samsung laptop.

1. Samsung laptop do not support MBR boot scheme.

2. Samsung laptop Speaker may fail to work with a short period of time.

3. Samsung laptops may show you faded/dimmed colors.

4. Samsung laptops may contain internal problems such as non functional Power button

5. Occasionally hard disk of samsung laptops fails to write files properly.

These are some problems of samsung laptops which I noticed in three months.

I am also enclosing here with what the samsung engineers say about samsung laptops. Samsung engineers say that samsung laptops contain some internal problems.

Faulty samsung laptops
Samsung Engineers verify Internal Problems in samsung laptops.