Samsung Customer Care

Samsung Customer Care

Samsung Customer Care; Samsung is a company that believes in just selling its products. Once sold it’s your product and all problems arising out of Samsung products is of yours. Samsung follow a very practical customer care policy that who was using the products, of course you, so you are the responsible for any problems. How the Samsung can be liable for anything you did with Samsung products.

And once more Samsung is here to earn money and Samsung knows it very wisely that to earn money it has to sell more and more products. Samsung knows that money is not earned by listening to customers. And because Samsung is not bothered by listening to customers. Samsung even dares to sell defective products to the products. Yes, in words Samsung says its products are free from defects of work man ship but in practice it asks its customers “Can you prove it???”

At Samsung they just refuse your right to repair, they just deny your right to replacement as well they do not refund. because Samsung makes a refund only if the Samsung product is not repairable, and as you will agree to that everything is repairable, so refund is never a issue at Samsung.

When you request a repair Samsung just says Okay, but never repairs. Or repairs in a way that give arise to another problem. because Samsung do not have enough technicians.

The Samsung is a big company; they have a team of lawyers, so whe

n you call customer care at Samsung they instead of listening you just transfer your call, without your consent, in the legal department, who threaten you to withdraw your complaint.

The only way to get any solution from Samsung is consumer court. Remember Samsung do not provide any solution you need to get it from Samsung. If you have enough resources to get customer care from Samsung only then you should buy Samsung products. If you are a normal person, who does not want a lot of litigation and other headache, you should preferably avoid buying Samsung.

In short Samsung products mean loss of money, loss of time, loss of energy of body and peace of mind. Samsung is arrogant and Samsung products are lame and defective.

Samsung Customer Care
Customer Care at Shameless

Defective Samsung Galaxy phone leaves teenager with third degree burns

Defective Samsung mobile explodes and burns a teenager

Fanny Schlatter’s Samsung S3 is thought to have set fire in her pocket
The flames caused third and second degree burns to 18-year-old’s thigh
She is now launching a criminal complaint against Samsung

Ms. Fanny Schlatter, just at 18th year of life, was injured when the Samsung Galaxy S3 allegedly blew up in her trouser pocketShe suffered second and third degree burns when her samsung phone apparently exploded in her pocket. She claims to have been left with no feeling in her right thigh and said she will be launching a criminal complaint against Samsung.

French language paper Le Matin reported that Ms Schlatter was working as an painting apprentice when she heard a large bang.

She told the paper: ‘All of a sudden I heard the sound of an explosion – like a firecracker….  Then I noticed a strange chemical smell and my work trousers began to catch fire.’

By the time Ms Schlatter’s boss, Stephane Kubler, had come to her assistance, the flames had reached her shoulders. She was rushed into the nearest bathroom where colleagues doused the flames before driving her to hospital.

Ms Schlatter explained: ‘Luckily my hair was tied up and my sweater didn’t have time to catch fire.’ However, she added that her burns were severe enough to make her smell like a ‘burnt pig’. The burns have left Ms Schlatter with no feeling in her right thigh and the teenager has been signed off work until 15 August.

She now plans to file a legal complaint against the Korean phone maker. In a statement, a Samsung spokesperson told the MailOnline: ‘Once we have gotten hold of the product in question, we will conduct a thorough examination to determine the exact cause of this incident.

This is not the first time a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery has supposedly exploded.

In May this year, Reddit user Vizionx1208 posted pictures of his destroyed Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, claiming he was ‘awoken by a loud noise and a weird squeaking sound.’ He states the phone was on the verge of setting alight and his bedroom had filled with smoke and had a ‘pungent smell.’  He was able to put out the smouldering phone by chucking a glass of water over it but the phone had already burnt his mattress cover and left a small burn on his finger.

Last year, an Irish Samsung S3 owner claimed his handset burst into flames as he was driving his car.

However, it was later discovered, following tests by the Fire Investigations UK (FIUK) team, that the phone had been previously placed in the microwave to remove water damage and this may have been the cause of the fire.

It isn’t just the S3 model that has this supposed fault either.

In South Korea in 2011, the battery from a Samsung Galaxy Note allegedly exploded in a man’s pocket as he walked along the street. The explosion caused second degree burns and a one-inch wound to his thigh. It was the second time that year a battery from the Galaxy Note was said to have exploded in South Korea.

Elsewhere, a phone battery spontaneously caught fire in a man’s back pocket at the Defcon hacking conference in the U.S in 2010, and in 2009, a man was killed when his exploding phone severed his neck artery.

Last month, a fire in a Peterborough house was thought to have been caused by an exploding phone battery after a handset was left on charge overnight.

The fire crews did not release what make or model the battery came from but said damage was caused to the bedroom, where the phone was on charge, including the bed, furniture and serious smoke damage to the walls.




Problem with Samsung Laptop

I had the same problem I would say fresh out the box are you kidding me I would send it back Im not going to pay hundreds of dollars for a computer with a shitty hard drive There fault Make um fix it and pay for shipping both ways i got one for Christmas BRAND NEW a week later it was doing what your video showed I was pissed big time !! mines a samsung R730 notebook and the keys stick i had to wipe the computer out and re download all the hardware and software the backup even went POOF 2 *

A review of samsung laptop

As I have been unfortunately using samsung  laptop since 3 months, I think I have got a good experience to review samsung laptop.

In my samsung laptop review, I would like to tall the users those things which they do not tell you on their website or brochure on the time when they sell you a samsung laptop.

1. Samsung laptop do not support MBR boot scheme.

2. Samsung laptop Speaker may fail to work with a short period of time.

3. Samsung laptops may show you faded/dimmed colors.

4. Samsung laptops may contain internal problems such as non functional Power button

5. Occasionally hard disk of samsung laptops fails to write files properly.

These are some problems of samsung laptops which I noticed in three months.

I am also enclosing here with what the samsung engineers say about samsung laptops. Samsung engineers say that samsung laptops contain some internal problems.

Faulty samsung laptops
Samsung Engineers verify Internal Problems in samsung laptops.

Manufacturing Defect in Samsung Laptop verified by Samsung Engineer.

Dear Samsung CEO
there has been a lot of time wasted but i have not hear any refund from your side. you send your engineer two times, who also agree that the laptop has manufacturing defects, i’m enclosing herewith his statement along with his signature. NOW WILL YOU PLEASE REFUND ME AS YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVE AGREES THAT THE PRODUCT YOU SOLD ME IS NOTHING BUT A MANUFACTURING DEFECT.

Thanking you.

PS: Reply is expected.