Refund Request for Faulty Samsung Laptop

I purchased I3 laptop from Samsung Electronics India. My samsung laptop model no is NP300E5X-S02IN. It boats a lot at the page but it fails on every aspect.
I purchased this laptop for 30,000 some rupees on 1 May 2013.
But to my great dismay this samsung laptop’s speakers started making so much noise that even jagjit singh’s voice becomes a noise.
I forget to mention its power button was very nonfunctional from the very date but i did not make any complaint, blaming myself that the products of such a big company can not mis-behave.
Its colors were also getting fade and dim, So I finally called the Support department, after a wait of full one week, their engineer reached me just to see the product.
He pushed power button 3 times continually then samsung laptop started, which made sure that it was not my fault. Even the samsung engineer have troubles in starting samsung laptop. Does not seems ridiculous???


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