Manufacturing Defect in Samsung Laptop verified by Samsung Engineer.

Dear Samsung CEO
there has been a lot of time wasted but i have not hear any refund from your side. you send your engineer two times, who also agree that the laptop has manufacturing defects, i’m enclosing herewith his statement along with his signature. NOW WILL YOU PLEASE REFUND ME AS YOUR OWN REPRESENTATIVE AGREES THAT THE PRODUCT YOU SOLD ME IS NOTHING BUT A MANUFACTURING DEFECT.

Thanking you.

PS: Reply is expected.



25 thoughts on “Manufacturing Defect in Samsung Laptop verified by Samsung Engineer.”

  1. I was purchased Samsung galaxy s4 mini 1 month ago. It was an fault of automatic switch off when i open an any aap but there is no action taken by samsung service centre till now

    Plzz suggest me what to do ?

  2. Great defeat! I need to trainee concurrently since you change your website, just how may possibly my partner and i sign up for a website web site? The profile made it simpler for us a appropriate cope. I personally have been a bit more comfortable of your ones send out supplied vivid obvious notion

  3. Hey, what’s problem? The samsung laptop is just mal manufactured and contains manufacturing defects. It is just crystal clear that samsung needs to make not only the full refund but also pay for the inconvenience that occurred to you as well any business loss you got while you were dealing in the issues with customer care.

  4. प्लीज़ सेंड युवर कंप्लेन तो कन्ज़्यूमर cऔर्त.थेय विल हेल्प यौ. बिफोर सेंडिंग कंप्लेन तो कन्ज़्यूमर कोर्ट राइट तो सॅमसंग तेय यौ अरे गोयिंग कन्ज़्यूमर कोर्ट. आंड गिव ऑल थे डीटेल तो कन्ज़्यूमर कोर्ट. इन दीज़ डेज़ कन्ज़्यूमर कोर्ट इस गिविंग वेरी फास्ट डिसिशन

  5. छोड़ना मत बेन छोडो को
    हर एक ओनलाइन कंजूमर फोरम मे कम्प्लेन्ट दर्ज कराओ
    हो सके तो तुम्हारे शहर मे कंजूमर कोर्ट मे लिखित कन्प्लेन्ट दर्ज करो
    फेसबूक और ट्विटर पे विक्रेता कानाम खरीद का तारीख और सारे डिटेल्स डाल दो
    टोक दो मारादचोटो की

    1. धन्यवाद महेंद्र जी
      प्लीज फेसबुक पर मुझसे जुड़े

  6. I purchased the Samsung galaxy s4 but it always restarts whenever I dial any number from call log I have send it three times in service centre but same problem still exists .
    So I will say no one should buy defective Samsung mobiles.

  7. Samsung brand new LCD never powered on after purchase. Samsung makes defective products. Don’t buy samsung any more. My bill is 88124. Neither Samsung nor dealers listens. Samsung don not care at all.

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